The Top 4 Budget Dynamic Microphones


Dynamic Microphones are best known for their use in live environments. See our handpicked list of the best budget dynamic microphones.
The Top 4 Budget Dynamic Microphones

Dynamic Microphones are best known for recording sounds that are louder. Usually, Condenser microphones like the ones featured in our previous article are ideal for a studio environment whereas Dynamic Microphones are more inclined towards live applications.

The core design of a dynamic microphone is different from that of a condenser. It takes the signal picked up by the diaphragm and amplifies it using a wire coil.

Here’s our pick for the top 4 cheap dynamic microphones:

1. Shure SM 58 LC

Many consider the Shure SM 58 to be the industry standard in vocal recordings. Like its close relative, the SM 57, the Shure SM 58 LC is a trusted microphone at an amazing price point


  • The frequency response of 50Hz to 15kHz tuned for vocals with a bright midrange and bass roll-off.
  • Rugged build featuring a spherical steel mesh grille.
  • A built-in pneumatic shock mount system to eliminate any noise generated while handling.
  • A uniform cardioid pickup pattern that isolates the main sound frequency while minimizing background noise (ideal for live performances)

The Good:

  • Precise and accurate tone with very little proximity effect.
  • Extreme durability
  • Built-in wind spherical wind and pop filter.
  • It does not require phantom power.

The Bad:

  • One would have to nitpick to find flaws in the Shure SM 58 LC. However be it a veteran or a newbie, this microphone won’t disappoint for its perfect price point.

2. MXL LSM-9 Dynamic Microphone

MXL’s latest addition is the LSM 9 Premium Dynamic Mic. Bright and fun for all.


  • Available in bright colours, helping you choose the colour to match your live performance production.
  • Has a frequency response of 50Hz to 18kHz.
  • The microphone’s capsule has a super-cardioid polar pattern which manages to reject feedback well.

The Good:

  • The overall build and performance are comparable to microphones way costlier than this one.
  • Vocal Groups, Bands, Streamers may appreciate the Pop colours. (Available in electric blue, hot pink, fluorescent yellow, Day-Glo green.
  • It comes with a sturdy pivot mount.

The Bad:

  • While it does look and feel premium, its price slightly does have a luxury tax for its aesthetic choices.
  • The overall performance is good and at par of what you would expect from a cheap dynamic microphone. It’s all fun.

3. Sennheiser E835-S

Sennheiser adds their expertise to target home and beginner musicians with the E835-S.


  • The Sennheiser E835-S while being a very cost-effective and cheap dynamic microphone has a bright response and cuts through the mix easily.
  • Has an internal shock mount and a humbucking coil. Frequency response of 40Hz to 16kHz
  • Produces a natural-sounding output for vocals and speech work.

The Good:

  • Attractive price tag and very decent performance for the money.
  • Works best for speech or vocal work, no booming sound.
  • Has a balanced low end and high-quality internal components.

The Bad:

  • Mid-range can get harsh for people with higher voices.
  • While the build is sturdy, the metal grills aren’t as rigid as competitors
  • May produce feedback on loud stages.

4. Blue Microphones enCORE 100

The microphone that deserves to be on stage!


  • A slip-resistant texture and balanced weight to feel confident handling.
  • Robust metal grill built for endurance.
  • The proprietary capsule mounting system prevents handling noise without the need for too much processing.

The Good:

  • Rugged construction. Great at avoiding handling noise.
  • Cardioid polar pattern and dynamic capsule tuned for modern audio systems and gear.
  • 50Hz to 15kHz frequency response, tuned to handle vocals.

The Bad:

  • It does not perform the best in small and loud places.
  • Phantom powered for optimal performance.

All of the above cheap dynamic microphones provide great value and will be a great addition to your gear. If you are instead looking for condenser microphones then check out other article here.

Varun Sundaram
Varun Sundaram

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