The 10 Best Jam Rooms (Music Rehearsal Spaces) in Mumbai

jam rooms

The 10 Best Jam Rooms (Music Rehearsal Spaces) in Mumbai

jam rooms

The Top Jam Rooms in Mumbai

Mumbai has without a doubt one of the most vibrant music scenes in India, with a vast pool of talented musicians and dynamic concert venues. For upcoming bands and performers, skill has rarely been a roadblock–but the lack of space certainly has. Read on to find some of the top-rated and well-equipped jam rooms the city has to offer.


1. 3rd Step Music


Where: Khar/Juhu/Link Road/Oshiwara

One of the oldest and most iconic jam rooms in Mumbai, 3rd step music is a one stop shop facility for all musicians dealing with jam rooms, music production/recording ,management, music schools, buying and selling of gear and renting out musical instruments. They are also completely soundproof, which means you don’t have to worry about upsetting the neighbours.

Charges: Rs. 400 per hour

2. Benchmark Studios

Where: Thane

Benchmark Studios is a jam room-cum-recording studio that allows you to carry out background composition, dubbing and recording. What makes their jam room special is the fact that it is actually a live room, which has been acoustically treated and made sound proof, so that you get the same experience as performing live. It acts as a great platform for amateur bands because it gives them a chance to understand how many things, including floor-monitoring, works during a live performance. They also make sure they do a sound-check for every band that walks in, and the signals are saved in their system so that the next time they have to jam, they use the same signals to ready the band.

There’s a sound mixer so you know exactly how you would sound on stage, there are also floor monitors that help you hear your own voice, like the ones in live concerts.

When you visit Benchmark Studios, you can expect state of the art technology right from the live jam room to the dubbing rooms, acoustics, microphones and gear. The studio professionals will go out of their way to improve your sound recording experience and make the overall production quality sound as rich as possible.

Charges: Rs. 300 per hour

3. Bread Butter Jam Studio


Where: Chembur

The aptly named Bread Butter and Jam Studio cater to your every need- from day/night studio recording to mixing, mastering and sound design. They also offer a membership for regular bands/artists along with 16 multi-track live recording provision. They are equipped with almost everything you’d need for a great practice session— a basic five-piece drum set, a 100 watts Marshall and Roland CUBE 80 GX guitar amplifiers, a 50 watt bass guitar amplifier along with mics, keyboards, and guitar cables.

Charges: Rs. 250 per hour.

4. Delta House of Music

Where: Malad

If you’re looking for a space that feels a little less professional and a little more homely, Delta House of Music is a great place to head to after work. It opens at 7:00 am, closes at midnight and can accommodate 10-12 musicians. Their equipment consists of two Laney amps, Hartke speakers, mixers and a Tama Imperialstar drum kit. 

Charges: Rs. 300 per hour, but if you are a band with four members or less you will be charged only Rs. 250.


5. Pickle Practice Pad

Where: Malad

This 24-hour jam pad can provide you with guitars, a Boutique Egnater Tweaker 88 ‘All-tube head’ with a Egnater 2×12 cabinet, backed by another Hartke GT100 guitar head with Laney 4×12 Cabinet, Tama made Imperialstar drum kit, a 12 input Stereo Mixer, recording mics and more. Pickle Practice Pad also provides a live jam recording facility which supports multi-track recording and video capture.

Charges: Rs. 300 per hour if you are booking up to three hours, Rs. 250 per hour if you want to jam for four hours or more.


6. Pluginn


Where: Santacruz

With an area of 300 sq. feet, Pluginn is a jam room, recording studio and a performance studio all rolled into one.  They have two big Peavey monitors with a big mixer, guitar amps, a bass amp, 5 piece drum kit, and mics. Once you’re done jamming, you can also record your music, and even shoot a video while you’re at it.

Charges: Rs. 300 per hour, Rs. 500 per hour to record.


7. Tank9

Where: Mahim West

Tank9 is one of the most experienced independent recording and music production facilities in Mumbai. With over 8 years in the Sound Engineering business, they have 2000+ clientele & 500+ cover songs. They recently launched a new studio located at Matunga West. 

They provide recording, mixing, mastering, dubbing and sound design services, which is practically everything you want in a studio. Understanding the basic needs of a band, they have ensured that they are equipped with softwares like ProTools HD2 8, Logic 9, Ableton Live 8 Suite, mixers such as Neve 8816 + 8804 Summing, Yamaha 01V96, Preamps, converters. They have various microphones, synthesizers, controllers, guitars, a drum kit, amplifiers, as well as a keyboard.


Charges: Rs. 300 per hour


8. Sitara Studio


Where: Lower Parel

Sitara Studio is an independently run arts and cultural venue that offers both a performance area for theatre, music, dance and art related activities and a jam room where artists can rehearse. This is one of the most high-end recording studios which is relatively more expensive compared to the other studios but offers state-of the-art equipment and exceptional services. They have a sound mixer so you know exactly how you would sound on stage and floor monitors that allow you to hear yourself, similar to what you’d find at live concerts.

Charges: Rs. 600 per hour


9. Press Play Studio

Where: Malad

Press Play Studio is a common hangout spot for Bollywood musicians and established metal bands. Located in Andheri, they provide really high class equipment such as a Tama Imperialstar 5 piece drum kit, Roland D-Bass 200 Watts Bass Amp, Blackstar Amplifiers, and much more. They provide accessible professional quality recording in a relaxed environment, and offer a range of services such as music production, mixing, audio post-production, sound design and digital mastering for any kind of project.

Charges: Rs. 450 per hour


10. Seven Heaven Studios

Where: Andheri West

Since 2012, Seven Heaven Studios have provided musicians around Mumbai with the much-needed space to jam to their heart’s content, without having to worry about disturbing their neighbours. If you wish to record your music or require sound engineering services, they provide mixing and mastering along with video shoot facilities.  

Charges: Rs. 400 per hour.


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