Busniess Owners FAQ


Creating and Claiming Listings

Jam Circuit is dedicated directory for music related businesses. You can be found by the most relevant audience, you can connect with them as well as promote your business from our portal. And best of all you can create a listing for free! Click here to know more about how this will benefit you. To get your free listing, you can click here.

Just search for your business at the top (the search bar in the header) and click on your listing. Inside your listing you will see a “Claim Listing” button. Click on this and enter the required information. We will get back to you at the earliest.

No problem at all. Drop us a line at [email protected] with the links and we will remove the duplicate listing from our portal immediately.

Listing Information

Your profile will only show the blocks for information that you have filled out and not empty blocks. For eg. if you do not provide your Instagram ID to display your Instagram Feed, the whole block will not be shown on your business profile.

Listing Deals and Offers

Fixed Price deals are for deals where you want to advertise the exact price of your offering. For example you want to offer drum classes and will list a deal with a heading like “Online Drum Classes for Rs 2,500 till Dec 2020”.

On the other hand Discount Deals relate to deals where you want to indicate a particular percentage discount. For example you may list a heading like: “20% discount on all music classes till end of Dec 2020”.

Promoted Listing

Promoted Listings are the highest ranked in the system. We offer monthly offers where you can get your business boosted to the top of the search. To promote your listing just visit your dashboard, and under My Listings you will see an option to promote each listing.  

Once your time period expires you can repurchase the plan to keep it featured or promoted, otherwise it will revert back to its normal status and show as a normal listing without a badge.

We have a number of payment options at the checkout which you can use. You will automatically get a confirmation on mail and your listing will be moved to the bought plan.


If you have any questions whatsoever just drop us a mail at the below email ID or fill in the form right here with your details. We will get back to you ASAP.

Switch To A Business Account To Add Listings

How to?

– Visit your My Account section via the button below

– Click on “Switch To Business Account” under Account Type at the bottom right of the screen