Best Guitar Amplifiers under INR 10,000


Are you in the market for a budget-friendly amp? Here are some of the best guitar amplifiers for all levels under INR 10,000.
best guitar amplifiers


This guide features some of the best quality amps you can get if you’re on a budget. There are some of the best guitar amplifiers under INR 10,000 in the market that are truly well-priced and of exceptional quality; think Swiss army knives with built-in effects and amplifiers. These amplifiers have been selected based on looks, feel, quality and sound and require minimal maintenance.

Our Top Picks for the best guitar amplifiers under INR 10,000

1. Boss Katana Mini

The Boss Katana Mini does a really good job with modelling it tones especially at this price point. It is highly versatile and offers a variety of different pedal options. It is one of the most portable amplifiers with seven different amp types and a battery life of 20 hours. It has nice sophisticated effects, weighs 1.4 kg including the batteries and can be operated with an adapter as well.

This is a highly portable amp and a really economic, durable and well-built guitar amplifier to get under 10000 INR. It is cabinet voiced, which means you are not going to get just the raw sound and it will be emulated as per the cabinet. This allows you to choose to have a smaller amp that can also be used for recording purposes. It has a very sturdy handle that also protects the knobs around it.

The Good:

  • Offers three different channels – “clean”, “crunch”, and “brown”
  • Includes a digital delay with a time control knob 
  • Rich, high quality sound
  • Very durable and portable

The Bad:

  • Cannot be connected with a mic

2. Marshall MG10

The Marshall MG10 can be easily plugged into a PC or a computer for recording purposes. It doesn’t take up too much space and offers a wide set of nice, clean tones. However, the dirty tones aren’t as high quality. If you don’t require a dirty tone and value a sophisticated looking amp, the Marshall MG10 is one of the best guitar amplifiers under INR 10000 in the market.

Each channel has its own volume control. There is a gain level control for the overdrive channel and there is a contour control for the tone.  Rather than just removing and adding in high frequencies, this changes the highs and lows in relation to the mid-range tones as you sweep across the fretboard. Being a solid-state amp, the clean tone has a rich tone with a glazy overdrive.

The Good:

  • Offers three different channels- “clean” and “overdrive”
  • Each channel has its own volume control
  • High quality gain control

The Bad:

  • The speaker is slightly nasal 
  • The amp does not have enough volume for a live performance setup

3. Blackstar Debut 15E

The Blackstar Debut 15E offers elegant ways to shape clean tones and provides a unique mood and atmosphere while playing. The distorted tones however are too fussy, muddy and pretty dry sounding. and it does a really good job with modelling it tones especially at this price point. It is highly versatile and offers a variety of different pedal options. 

This 10W guitar amplifier has tape-emulated delay and a time knob on the right hand side. There’s also an MP3 line in and a headphone jack so you can jam along to backing tracks. The design is entirely analog and is targeted at guitarists who are just starting out, but want great tone.

The Good:

  • Comes with two channels – “clean” and “distorted”
  • Built-in echo
  • Rich, high quality sound

The Bad:

  • Distortion tones are a bit muddy

4. Kustom Sound FX15

The Kustom Sound FX15 is one of the best solid state guitar amplifiers which is great for playing rock music. This 15W amplifier comes with a comprehensive user guide detailing information about the tone channels and rhythm patterns available.

The amplifier has eight different tone channels, an input jack and knobs for gain, tone, and volume. The amplifier has several effects to control reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser and tremolo. The amplifier has a 15-inch driver on the front along with a non-detachable power chord. On the back there are two different input jacks for an aux and a phone respectively. There is also a rhythm feature to play different drum patterns and adjust their tempo and volume.

The Good:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Eight different tone channels
  • Compatible with aux and phone

The Bad:

  • Slightly overpriced

5. Fender 10G

The Fender 10G is really good for playing metal tones and is especially great for beginners. This 10W amplifier has gain, volume, treble and bass controls along with a 1/8″ aux input and headphones output. The closed back gives it a tighter, more intense sound since it is projected directly from the front. The bass is a lot more cleaner and natural sounding compared to other beginner amplifiers. 

The Frontman ten-G, Fender’s smallest guitar amp, offers all the hallmarks of a great amplifier: quality tones, flexible controls, simple uncluttered operation and classy looks. Speaking of quality tones, the ten-G’s tone possibilities range from Fender clean, to blues, to metal, and includes pretty much everything in between. With ten watts of power driving a 6-inch Special Design speaker and a closed-back design for heavier bass response, the Frontman ten-G is perfect for beginning guitarists, students, teachers and guitarists on a tight budget looking for a portable practice amp. It features an eighth-inch input for jam-along with media player or CD and an eighth-inch headphone output for silent practice. 

The Good:

  • Closed-back design
  • Offers a wide range of tones
  • Good value for money

The Bad:

  • Does not have reverb

6. Vox Pathfinder 10

The Vox Pathfinder 10 is a 2 channel, solid state, all-analogue amp, that has 10 watts of power and a 6.5″ Vox Bulldog speaker. The clean and overdrive channels are controlled with separate volume and gain knobs. The tone can be further shaped with the Treble and Bass EQ knobs. 

This solid-state amplifier is completely analog and can sound really loud for such a small speaker. On top of the amp you’ll find an input jack to plug your guitar in and the gain which you can lower to get a cleaner sound or go higher for a dirty sound. There’s also a treble EQ and master volume knob along with a specially designed headphone jack to connect to a recording console.

The Good:

  • Comes with two different channels
  • High quality 6 1/2″ Vox Bulldog speaker
  • Very durable and portable

The Bad:

  • The clean channel is slightly weak

7. Hertz DG 40W

The Hertz DG 40W does a really good job with modelling it tones especially at this price point. It is highly versatile and offers a variety of different pedal options. It is one of the most portable amplifiers with seven different amp types and a battery life of 20 hours. 

The hardware and overall build quality is good and the product packaging is highly secure even with standard shipping. The Hertz DG 40W offers clean, distortion and overdrive tones along with inbuilt reverb and delay. It is transistor based and can be connected to a dynamic microphone. 

The Good:

  • Three input jacks for mic, guitar, headphones 
  • Comes with three channels – “clean”, “distortion” and “overdrive”
  • Reasonably priced

The Bad:

  • Does not have a reverb option
Ananya Roy
Ananya Roy
Music junkie with an engineering degree from Manipal Institute of Technology currently living in Pune, India. Enjoys playing the piano, petting dogs and eating sushi.

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